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Fall Maintenance for Artificial Grass Lawns

Oct 1, 2018 1:19:41 PM / by Cheryl Robertson


When the weather starts to get cooler and leaves begin to change colour and fall, it's important to regularly clean leaves and other debris from your artificial lawn. Although artificial grass overall is very low maintenance, to make sure your artificial grass has a long life it's necessary to do a bit of yard cleaning before the snow comes. 

Why is it important to clean leaves from artificial grass before they rot?

1. They can cause your yard to smell foul

Leaves do not decompose the same way on fake grass as they do on natural grass. The soil on natural grass soaks up the organic material as it rots, however on artificial grass the decomposing leaves stay on the surface, which can cause your yard to smell bad. 

2. Keep your artificial grass draining properly

A build up of rotting leaves and debris on your grass can cause drainage problems on your artificial grass. The rotting leaves create a barrier that makes it harder for water to get through. This may cause water to pool and then freeze once the weather turns colder. It will also create problems in the spring when snow melts. If you don't clean up the leaves now, melting snow in the spring will have no where to go, making your yard a sopping mess on warmer days and an ice rink on cold days.

3. Can cause surface weeds to grow

A build up of leaves and debris on your artificial grass can create an ideal condition for surface weeds to grow. These weeds do not grow roots through the grass and into the soil, rather they have attached themselves to the build-up of leaves, dirt and other debris that's accumulated on your synthetic grass. They come out much easier than weeds on natural grass, but let's face it - one of the reasons you had artificial grass installed was to avoid those pesky weeds. 

What's the best way to clean leaves from artificial grass?


To keep your yard looking beautiful for a long time, we recommend using a leaf blower or vacuum to clean leaves and debris from your artificial lawn. These tools will protect the grass blades and prevent damage. 

If you have a small yard or don't want to invest in a leaf blower or vacuum the next best tools would be a stiff brush or a flexible plastic rake. DO NOT use a metal rake on your artificial grass, it can cause damage and decrease the life of your lawn.

By doing this minimal seasonal maintenance you can ensure your artificial grass lawn looks beautiful for many years. 


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Cheryl Robertson

Written by Cheryl Robertson