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Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs?

Aug 3, 2018 1:27:20 PM / by Cheryl Robertson


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Dogs are rough on grass, which is why many dog owners are looking at artificial turf as a solution for making their yards work for both them and their dogs. Artificial grass is a great solution for yards with dogs. It's not only safe but you will also have a great looking yard all the time, no matter how much and how hard your dog uses it. The number one question dog owners have when considering artificial turf is: 

Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs? 

The short answer is - yes, it's safe! 


1. Your dog can safely relieve itself on artificial grass 

Your dog will adapt to synthetic turf quickly. Our artificial grass has a high drainage rate allowing the urine to flow through it and into the soil. Unlike natural grass your dogs urine will not damage artificial grass.

2. Dogs can't chew through it

Many dogs eat grass and many dog owners are concerned that their family pet will get sick by eating artificial grass. Lazy Lawn takes pride in providing only high quality artificial turf that is nearly impossible to pull grass blades out from the top, so your dog can't accidently swallow it. Our artificial grass goes through rigorous strength testing to ensure that the blades are nearly impossible to pull out. Even so, dogs are intelligent and have a strong sense of smell and they won't even try to eat it because they know it's not real grass. If your dog likes to eat grass consider keeping some long natural grass in a pot or flower bed for your dog to munch on. Artificial grass is very durable and resilient, so your dog won't be able to dig through it. It's also resistant to the paths dogs make when navigating their territory. Not only is your dog safe from accidentally ingesting it, your investment is safe from your dog wrecking it. 

3. Less exposure to fleas and ticks

Artificial grass heavily reduces the possibility of pests, including fleas and ticks. The barriers that are installed under artificial grass prevent fleas and ticks from hatching and growing in the dirt. As a result, insects cannot feed or even lay eggs. This means there will be fewer insects in your yard that can attach themselves to your pet. To ensure your yard stays pest free make sure you clean up any leaf debris, which can create a habitat for insects to breed in.

4. Artificial turf is non-toxic

One concern many people have is lead content in artificial grass. A study done on some old and broken down sports fields in New Jersey found unacceptable levels of lead, however tests done on new sports fields found low to zero levels of lead. Our turf and infill products do not contain lead or any harmful chemicals - after all we have to work with the stuff every day. Our pet turf installation includes zeolite as an infill. Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral that is safe for ingestion. You also don't need to worry about pesticides and herbicides, because artificial grass is naturally weed free.

Your dog will love it!

And you will love it too! You can have the backyard you've always dreamed of without the maintenance. No more brown spots, holes or 'trail' around your yard. You can have a yard that both you and your pet will enjoy. Contact us today to get an estimate.


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Cheryl Robertson

Written by Cheryl Robertson